[Daffodils in Brown Jar]

Daffodils in a brown ceramic jar. The upper third of the vase has a darker glaze. The vase stands slightly right of centre against a blue background, while the daffodil stalks, flowers and upper third of the vase are shown against a background of yellow and red.

Other title(s)
Daffodils on blue background
Object type
Medium and materials
oil on canvas
Place Made

LL blue brush point Flora Scales 1948

Condition Report

Some loss of paint on the vase and blue ground to the left. Damage across the upper canvas and significant loss immediately to the left of vase. Apparent overall flaking.

Current Collection

Private Collection

Current Location

New Zealand

General notes

Date partly obscured by frame.

Alternative title, Daffodils on blue background, taken from the exhibition Flora Scales at The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatū, Nelson, New Zealand, 2018.

Letter from Maude Campbell, daughter of Flora Scales’s brother, Athol, to B. de Lange, 27.09.1983, “...it wasn’t until their mother died in about ? 1947 that I met Auntie Lass [Flora Scales], when Daddy brought her over to stay with us in Guernsey for about three weeks and it was during that time that she painted the one and only painting that our family have of her work. To me it’s very lovely as it’s of daffodils which we grew.” Note: Gertrude Maynard Scales, Flora Scales’s mother, died 28.04.1948, aged 89.