Private exhibition at the home of Mrs Joan Williams

Private exhibition and sale of 24 paintings by Flora Scales at the home of Mrs Joan Williams, Havelock North, New Zealand, 26 April and 1 May, 1974. Works selected from those held by the artist. Opening celebration attended by Flora and niece Patience Tennent.

Patience Tennent, the artist's niece, in correspondence with B. de Lange, 12.11.1983 wrote: 

"For this occasion in a private house in Hawkes Bay, twenty four of her paintings were selected. They were attached in groups to large boards around which plain wooden frames were tacked. Each board was then set on a large easel. The first evening with sherry and savouries was for family and friends only. Aunt Lass was quite bewildered with it all but, when the time came, she dressed in a long skirt of woven wool and the prettiest French cream silk blouse with a ruffled high collar and talked quietly and graciously, with such dignity, to the guests." 


26 April, 1974
— 1 May, 1974


Havelock North, New Zealand

Exhibition artworks