British Empire Exhibition

The British Empire Exhibition, 23.04.1924 - 31.10.1925, held at the Palace of Arts at Wembley Park, Wembley, England, was designed to strengthen bonds within the Empire, stimulate trade and demonstrate British greatness. Fifty-six out of the fifty-eight countries of the British Empire participated. New Zealand was represented by a collection of 39 paintings which were predominantly landscapes.

Before the paintings left New Zealand a selection was shown at the Wellington Art Gallery, 8.12.1923 - 14.12.1923, including Flora Scales’s New Shoes for Old [Location Unknown].

‘New Zealand Art. Selection for exhibition.’, New Zealand Herald, vol. LX, issue 18576, 7 December 1923:

“Some of the New Zealand paintings that will be exhibited at the British Empire Exhibition will be placed on exhibition in the Wellington Art Gallery for a week from tomorrow.”


8 December, 1923
— 14 December, 1923


Wellington Art Gallery


Wellington, New Zealand