[Family on the Beach]

Beach scene. Two seated female figures in hats and coats facing away from the sea. Two smaller seated figures also wearing hats.

Object type
Medium and materials
watercolour on paper
Place Made
New Zealand

LL F Scales 1915


Sold by auction at Mossgreen-Webb's (now Webb's), Auckland, New Zealand, A2 Art, 24.05.2008, Lot 442

Purchased by Remuera Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 2008

Sold by Remuera Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, between 2008-2016

General notes

This is the only image recorded of this work, its location is unknown.


‘Becoming Modern: The paintings of Flora Scales’ by Jennifer Higgie, written for florascales.com, 2022

"It took her a while to discover modernism; her youthful pictures, filled with nature, peace and golden light, are in thrall to French painting – the Barbizon and Impressionists Schools – and could have been created decades earlier. But then, suddenly, in 1915, amidst the bucolic imaginings, something happens: she paints a family on a beach [Untitled [Family on the Beach] [BC130]]. The picture is now lost, and only one photograph of it exists, but it’s startlingly different to her earlier work. Two women – formed of smudges and tones – in coats and wide-brimmed hats sit on the sand, facing away from the sea. In front of them are two small children, also in hats. Atmosphere supplants detail; the figures are relaxed, unposed, in the midst of talking, playing; their faces are less distinct than their clothes. The still sea is a pale, silvery blue; the same colour as the limpid sky. One of the women’s yellow coat hums like a sun in the centre of the composition. It appears to have been painted quickly, to capture a mood, a particular gesture, the quality of light. Paint has been employed to create a snapshot. The young equestrienne was becoming modern."


Photo courtesy Mossgreen-Webb's (now Webb's), Auckland, New Zealand, 2008