The information in this online catalogue has been compiled over many years. We have made every effort to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

The Flora Scales Catalogue is an ongoing project.

We would like to encourage anyone who is in possession of, or knows of, previously unidentified paintings accredited to Scales, or supposed to be made by Scales, to contact us.

We would also be delighted to hear from anyone who has information, anecdotes, photographs or memorabilia that would contribute to the understanding of Flora Scales's life and work.

In particular we would love to learn more about the following people from Flora Scales’s life:

- Miss or Mrs Rutherford with whom Scales was staying in Tahunanui, Nelson, New Zealand, when Toss Woollaston met her, early 1930s.

- Mrs Lyall. Apparently Scales boarded with a Mrs Lyall who lived near the Ostenfeld’s house above Tahunanui beach, Nelson, New Zealand, 1930s.

- Mrs Lisle of Tahunanui, Nelson, New Zealand, who was given as a contact for Flora Scales in the Evening Post, 05.11.1941. Mrs Lyall and Mrs Lisle are likely to be one and the same person.

- Mrs Follett who wrote to Toss Woollaston in 1989 or 1990 explaining that she was Flora Scales’s god-daughter.

- Anyone who might have known Flora Scales in New Plymouth, New Zealand, when she lived there in the 1920s. We have letters written by Scales from addresses 161 Glover Road, Hawera [1921] and 42 Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth [1923].

If information on this website is incorrect or could be amplified in any way please do contact us so that adjustments can be made.

Our hope is to make the records of Flora Scales's work as complete and accurate as possible and to include as much detail as we can discover to establish her life story and personality.

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