[Brown Horse]

Brown horse, facing viewer, occupies full length of canvas. Foreshortened view of right flank.

Object type
Medium and materials
oil on canvas on board
Place Made
Probably England

LL brown/black pencil F Scales

LR brown/black pencil 1908

Condition Report

Horizontal gouge across canvas below centre

Current Collection

Private Collection

Current Location

New Zealand

General notes

Given the inscribed date this was probably painted while Flora Scales was studying at the W. Frank Calderon School of Animal Painting, London, England, which Scales attended 1908-1912.

Given as gift by Scales to a family member, 1976.

Patience Tennent, the artist's niece, describes watching as Scales scratched the inscriptions into the paint with a penknife and coloured them in with a brown/black eyebrow pencil in 1976.

Flora Scales in conversation with M. de Lange, 1983, looking at photographs of Untitled [Brown Horse] [BC001] and Untitled [Draught Horse] [BC002], "I often think what a dunderhead I was. I never once put a tree or blue sky above the animal."

Mandy Fenwick, equestrian, in correspondence with B. de Lange, 04.03.2020, "This appears to be a station bred hack with some warm blood. [It is] a bay horse with a white star on its face, a blaze on nose and four white socks around its hocks."

Used as illustration

Flora Scales, The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatū, Nelson, 2018, pg 32 (colour)