[Flowers in a Green Pot]

Still life. Centre flowers in green plant pot which stands on a roughly oval area of white. Circular shapes at edge of plate. Diagonal blue/white marks between lower and left hand margin. Background is brown with much reworking of the paint. Upper right, a blue/white rectangle. Upper left smaller blue/white area over which coloured shapes extend.

Object type
Medium and materials
oil on canvas
Place Made
Auckland or Rotorua, New Zealand
General notes

Dated according to correspondence Patricia France to B. de Lange, 1977, regarding her visit to the artist in her Brentwood Avenue flat, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, 1976, just prior to the artist returning to Europe. France reports seeing a still life on her easel, which could possibly have been this painting.

The dark vertical element backgrounding the central green shapes is possibly the upright back of a chair, pushed into the table on which the still life is placed. Upper left corner of the table is shown. The diagonal element lower left is possibly “the knife the artist used to peel her oranges” as per Alexander Turnbull Library documentation noted on Still Life, London [1] [BC067], from information supplied by the artist, 1979.

This still life is painted in landscape format and the canvas is larger than is usual in her known still life work.

This painting was with Scales at the Rotorua Masonic Village, New Zealand, until given to her niece, Patience Tennent, who gifted it to the present owner.