[Memo pad]

Orange covered sketchbook branded Dataday Memo Pad, Tablet refill No 2., TJ & J Smith Ltd., 36 lined leaves, containing:

- Pencil drawings, four pages
- Pencil and ink drawings, two pages
- Drawings of boats, dancing man, shipboard life
- Shopping lists, two pages
- Various pages titled, signed and dated

1977 1978
Object type
Medium and materials
pencil and ink on lined paper
Place Made
Europe (onboard SS Shota Rustaveli) and Auckland, New Zealand

Front cover (in artist's hand) F Scales 172 (F reversed)

Inside back cover blue ballpoint pen (in artist's hand) H Scales 172, YWCA 172

Back cover blue ballpoint pen (in artist's hand) F Scales 172 (F reversed)


Donated to the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, by Patience Tennent, March 2001

Copyright Licence
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, Reference no. E-584
Current Collection

Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand

Current Location

Wellington, New Zealand

General notes

This sketchbook was loaned to B. de Lange, 1992, and subsequently returned to then owner, Patience Tennent, the artist's niece.

Includes drawings done while Flora Scale's was a passenger on-board the SS Shota Rostaveli on her trip back to New Zealand from France in 1977.

When the SS Shota Rustaveli docked in Piraeus, Greece, Scales's niece, Diana Zaharopoulos (nee Westacott, later Mills), collected her and took her home to her flat in Athens for the night. Correspondence Diana Mills to B. de Lange, 02.11.1983, “Although Aunt Lass [Flora] seemed a little older, she still seemed the old Aunt Lass, upright and full of courage.”

This was to be the last journey Scales made between Europe and New Zealand.

Front and back cover inscriptions include number 172, which was the number of Scale's cabin on the SS Shota Rustaveli.

Other pages show variations on her signature, H Scales, H F Scales and both H F Scales and F Scales with the 'F' reversed. This reversed form of the 'F' is often seen in her early work up to the 1920s [Untitled [Man on Rocky Foreshore] [BC007], Overlooking the Bay [BC006], Eastern Extension Cable Company's Ship "Patrol" in Wellington Harbour [BC122]].

Four pages titled Colombo, two of these pages dated 1977, two dated 1 May 1977.

“YWCA, Queen Street, Auckland”, written on two pages, is possibly where she was intending to stay on landing in New Zealand.