[Rural Scene]

Landscape. Right of centre, two horses each with a white blaze on nose, on diagonal facing right followed by man wearing a flat white cap. Three clumps of bushy plants form background to horses. Horizon low, sky wide. Bushes and ploughed ground show touches of white.

Other title(s)
Winter Ploughing
c. 1922
Object type
Medium and materials
oil on canvas on board
Place Made
New Zealand

LR inscribed into paint Flora Scales

Verso framer’s label From Inksters, Mawhera Quay, Greymouth

Copyright Licence
Courtesy Thomas Kilroy, The Kilroy Art Collection, Wellington, New Zealand
Current Collection

The Kilroy Art Collection

Current Location

Wellington, New Zealand

General notes

Purchased by current owner with Untitled [Landscape with Meandering River] [BC126] from a second-hand shop in Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand, February 2017. The frames on these 2 works are identical.

Alternative title, Winter Ploughing, used by H. Senior in his coloured aquatint after Flora Scales, c.1930, and The Kilroy Art Collection documentation. Dated in relation to Untitled [Stoke, Nelson] [BC013].

There are two known paintings of this subject, Untitled [Rural scene] [BC125] and Untitled [Stoke, Nelson] [BC013].

Note dot of red paint LR above signature on the boundary between the brown and the green bands.

Correspondence Thomas Kilroy to B. de Lange, 30.01.2019, “there are quite a fair few brush hairs embedded into the paint”.

Runs and dribbles evident may suggest some loosely applied underpainting.


Photos by Shaun Waugh

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