Academy of Fine Arts Studio Club 1920




Wellington, New Zealand

The Academy of Fine Arts Studio Club is a branch of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. The clubroom was destroyed by fire in March 1920. Flora Scales lost artwork as a result of fire and water damage.

“This young and vigorous branch of the art life of Wellington came into existence about seven years ago, and now has on its roll a considerable number of Academy of Fine Arts artist members and others, who meet regularly in the daytime as well as in the evenings for study from the life. The club, which occupied a large room upstairs in the building destroyed last week by the fire in Bowen street and Lambton quay, is now homeless, and the renting of new quarters will be dealt with, at the meeting to-morrow evening. Several of the lady members—Miss D. K. Richmond, Mrs. E. L. Prince, and Miss Flora Scales—are the heaviest losers by the fire, having the work of years of study charred by flame and destroyed by water. The club's effects, such as easels, stools, costumes, and draperies, have all been damaged more or less, and members are now faced with the problem of reorganisation.” – ‘Academy Studio Club’, Evening Post, 22 March 1920, pg 8