New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1919


October, 1919


Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1919

No. 3 In Moorings Calm watercolour £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 5 A Figure Study watercolour £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 6 In the Blacksmith’s Shop pen and ink £3.3.0 [BC131]
No. 243 The Blue Frock oil £10.10.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 247 “But That Was Years Ago” oil £12.12.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 248 Mid-day Haze oil £4.4.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 249 Ocean Messengers oil £5.5.0 [Location Unknown]

Exhibition artworks


Exhibition reviews

‘Art Exhibition’, Evening Post, 4 October 1919, pg 9, “Miss Flora Scales has a little study of shipping (248), called "Midday Haze” that it is excusable to covet—just a few firm, sure strokes of the brush, but expressive of so much, and faultless in respect to the form of the vessels lying at their berths. The same artist's "Blue Frock," a portrait (243), her masterly pen-and-ink drawing of "The Blacksmith's Shop" (6) [BC131], all add to her reputation as an honest and capable worker, knowing what she wants and able to obtain it to her own satisfaction and the pleasure of those to whom her work at once appeals.”

‘N.Z. Academy of Fine Arts’ by “The Lay Figure”, Dominion, 6 October 1919, pg 6, “For once Miss Flora Scales deserts her favourite equine studies, in which she has scored so many successes in the past. By far the best of her contributions this year is a modest little canvas, 248, "Mid-Day Haze," a study of shipping alongside the wharves. This picture fairly pulsates with light and life, and was, I was glad to notice, one of the first canvases in the exhibition to receive the honour of a "red seal." In the figure study, 243, "The Blue Frock," by the same artist, the flesh tones are pleasant, and there is, too, a fair degree of projection, But the face—more particularly the nose—is weak in its modelling.”

‘The Pictures’, Free Lance, 8 October 1919, pg 4, “Miss Flora Scales has also entered the ranks of the portrait painters, and is exhibiting a very promising study entitled “The Blue Frock."”

‘Notes on the Exhibits’, New Zealand Times, 9 October 1919, pg 3, “Miss Scales shows a very delightful sketch Mid-Day Haze, one of those happy little pictures which are the direct result of a clear impression set down without hesitation or delay.”