The Australian Painter-Etchers' Society First Annual Exhibition


7 June, 1921
— 25 June, 1921


Education Dept. Gallery


Sydney, Australia

Flora Scales’s etching Homecoming [BC124, Location Unknown] is selected from E. Murray Fuller’s Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, to be included in the Australian Painter-Etchers' Society First Annual Exhibition, Sydney, Australia. The work was catalogued, pg 12:

FLORA SCALES (N.Z.), No. 1. Homecoming, Price Unframed £2.12.6, Price of frame £0.8.0, Prints Remain 1

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Exhibition reviews

‘Etching in New Zealand’ by Maurice Hurst, Art in Australia, Australian & New Zealand Etching Issue, Sydney, no. 9, 1 April 1921, “Important as is the association of the work of master etchers in the Dominion, it is the aims and achievements of the living that are of pressing interest. But there is little, as yet, that can be recorded in this connection. The practice of etching has not grown to any considerable extent, and the few workers in this field have attracted little public attention through their prints. It is a new art in New Zealand and the handlers of the needle are per force content to work for the love of art and for their own satisfaction. In the Dominion all art is handicapped by the extreme isolation of the country, by the small population (only recently has the million mark been passed) and by the necessary task of laying the foundations of industry and civilisation. But the etched work of New Zealand’s artists is certainly worthy of respect, and it will surely win public appreciation when it becomes better known.

The two leading women etchers are Miss Mina Arndt (Mrs Manoy) and Miss Flora Scales. Miss Scales shows in her etchings the same mental interest that is revealed in her drawings and paintings - the toilers of the fields. Indeed, no artist in the Dominion can delineate farm animals and scenes so well as Flora Scales. So far she has produced only a few etchings but already shows herself a competent worker with the copper plate.”

‘Art and Poetry in Australia’, Otago Daily Times, 30 July 1921, pg 2, “Two leading women etchers are Miss Mona [sic] Arndt (Mrs Mancy) and Miss Flora Scales. Mr Hurst remarks of the New Zealand etchings that “they belong to a period of beginnings, and they are successful if they are sufficient to give promise of greater things to come.” Altogether this ninth number of “Art in Australia” holds much pleasure and profit for art lovers in the dominion.”

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