Canterbury Society of Arts Annual Exhibition 1915




Christchurch, New Zealand

Canterbury Society of Arts Annual Exhibition 1915

No. 12 The Black Hunter watercolour £5.5.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 66 The Gateway oil £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 98 Lady & Violin oil £6.6.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 110 The Old Stable oil £2.10.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 300 Making Hay watercolour £2.10.0 [Location Unknown]

Exhibition reviews

‘Among the Pictures, Art Society’s Thirty-fifth Annual Exhibition’, Lyttelton Times, 20 March 1915, pg 7, “Flora Scales has a study of a horse, "The Black Hunter,” which is faithful and correct in treatment, but is not a picture.”

‘Among the Pictures, Canterbury Art Society’s Thirty-fifth Exhibition’, Lyttelton Times, 23 March 1915, pg 5, “In “The Gateway” (No. 66) and “The Old Stable” (No. 110) Flora Scales exploits the peculiar purple effect of sunlight falling through foliage, and does it very effectively.”

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