Free Kindergarten Association Fundraiser Exhibition


July, 1919


Wellington, New Zealand

Exhibition reviews

‘Art and Artists’ by Eunuky, Free Lance, 18 June 1919, pg 26, “WELLINGTON artists, ever ready to lend a helping hand in a good cause, have responded nobly and well to an invitation by Mrs McDonald, wife of the Academy's secretary, for contributions of pictures in aid of funds for the Free Kindergarten Association. Over thirty well-known picture makers, Messrs A. F. Nicoll, W. A. Bowring, Nugent Welch, E. G. Hood, F. Sedgwick, J. McDonald, A. Bender, W. Tiller, W.B. Montgomery, G. H. Garnham, J. A. Heginbotham, Esmond Atkinson, H. Mathewman, A. L. Haylock, M. C. Smith, W. H. Pratt, C. H. Barton, R. L. Tingey; Mesdames M. E. R. Tripe, E. L. Prince, E. K. Robison, V. Eichelbaum; Misses D. K. Richmond, Flora Scales, Ina Lee, Iva McEldowney, M. Butler, H. McLean, Jessie Newton, B. E. Chappie, Ellen Perry, and Elizabeth Perry have contributed their best work and others are likely to add to the collection already assembled. It is confidently anticipated by the ladies' committee appointed to arrange for disposal of the pictures by Art Union that a handsome addition to the Kindergarten funds will be secured.”

‘Picture Exhibition’, New Zealand Times, 3 July 1919, pg 6, “Miss Flora Scales has sent a riverside sketch.”

‘Kindergarten Funds’, Evening Post, 3 July 1919, pg 9, “Artists who donated pictures are :— Mesdames M. E. R. Tripe,' E. L. Prince, V. Eichelbaum, E. K. Bobison, and Guy S. Powles; Misses D. K. Richmond, Flora Scales, M. Butler, Elizabeth Perry, Ellen Perry, Iva McEldowney, Jessie Newton, Ina Lee, B. G. Chappell, H. McLean, and Ethel Grady; Messrs. W. A. Bowring. A. F. Nicholl, Nugent Welch, Ernest G. Hood, George H. Garnham, Arthur Bender, Esmond Atkinson, J. A. Heginbotham, F. Sedgwick, W. B. Montgomery, H. Mathewman, A. L. Haylock, W. Tiller, W. H. Pratt, R. L. Tingey. C. H. Barton. M. C. Smith, and J. McDonald.”