Messrs W. H. Turnbull & Co. Fundraiser Exhibition


May, 1915


Messrs W. H. Turnbull & Co.


Wellington, New Zealand

Flora Scales contributes a painting of horses in a dray [Location Unknown] to an exhibition arranged by Messrs W. H. Turnbull & Co. at the Panama St Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, to raise funds for the purchase of a water filter for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Turkey.

Exhibition reviews

‘Gift Pictures: Artists’ Patriotic Action’, Evening Post, 11 May 1915, pg 2, “The collection of some forty works by local artists which Messrs. W. H. Turnbull and Co. are exhibiting in their Panama-street Gallery is attracting much attention. They are to be sold without reserve in aid of a fund for the purchase of a water-filter wagon for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. General Godley has asked for a number of these wagons, and their importance, especially if operations in Turkey should last any length of time, cannot be over-estimated. With foul water come typhoid, cholera, and other diseases, which in warfare are as deadly as the enemy's bullets. A number of local artists saw a way to help in this matter. They readily gave of their best work, offering the public good value for money, and the pictures will be sold for the wagon fund…Miss Lucy Kemp Welch has an honest disciple in Miss Flora Scales, as her strongly handled farm subject, horses in a dray, will prove.”