New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts 1906




Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts 1906

No. 114 Angora Goats at Kuhawai oil unpriced [Location Unknown]
No. 135 Elystan oil unpriced [Location Unknown]
No. 137 Dick oil unpriced [Location Unknown]

Exhibition reviews

‘Angora Goats’, Christchurch Press, 18 December 1906, pg 8, “Doubtless most of those who read these lines (says the Christchurch Press) have never seen a flock of Angora goats. They are a pretty sight. On some rocky uplands they are hardly noticed until one comes near, and then perhaps, in a gleam of sunshine, their long silky hair shines out from among the dull scrub and fern, while astonished faces bob up, and the wide-pointing curved horns of the lord of the flock suggest to the intruder that his curiosity should be tempered with caution. Just such a scene as this is depicted in the painting, by Miss Flora Scales, which was borrowed by Mr T. W. Kirk for the Agricultural Department's court at the Exhibition, where it now hangs.”