New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1915




Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1915

No. 152 The Old Grey Horse oil £2.2.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 154 The Oaks, Taita £2.2.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 174 The Boxer £2.2.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 190 Poplars, Nelson oil £2.2.0 [Location Unknown]

Exhibition reviews

‘Academy of Arts Annual Exhibition: Some of the Pictures’, Evening Post, 2 October 1915, pg 9, “Miss Flora Scales's honest work is seen in both the drawing and painting of horses, just every day horses — not mettlesome hunters and prancing barbs — and cannot fail to commend itself. Some fine examples, pictures one would desire to have and regard ever with affection, are to be seen numbered 174 and 152. Her treatment is decidedly broad, but always sure and masculine in its strength. See the clever study of light and shade in the mere detail of poplars and their setting (190).”

‘Academy of Fine Arts: Notes by “The Lay Figure”’, Dominion, 6 October 1915, pg 7, “Miss Flora Scales maintains her reputation as the best of our local animal painters. Her two studies of horses, “Old Grey Horse" (152) and "Boxer" (174) will be much admired. Each is worthy of a larger background, but both are charming little studies. Miss Scales also contributes two little land scape studies, "The Oaks, Taita" (154), and “Poplars, Nelson.” In each she displays skilful treatment of light and shade.”

‘“On the Line” Art Gallery Exhibits: Notes and Criticisms (By “Dry –Point.”) No. II’, New Zealand Times, 7 October 1915, pg 8, “Miss Scales exhibits two really good studies of horses. “The Old Grey Horse” (No. 152) is a refreshing study in pure sunlight, and the painting of the reflected lights is excellent. It is a pity that this study was not made a feature in a larger composition. It is, however, a gem by itself. “The Oaks, Taita” (154) is well handled, and Miss Scales’ work shows pure and rich colour and bold handling.”

‘Sales of Pictures’, Evening Post, 13 October 1915, pg 8, “Pictures already sold at the Academy of Arts are as follow: …Oils — "The Old Grey Horse" (Flora Scales), £2 2s…”