New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1920




Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1920

No. 182 A Sunny Morning watercolour £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 183 The Two Sentinels watercolour £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 289 Tahuna Beach £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 308 Blacksmiths at Work pen and ink £5.5.0 [Location Unknown]

Exhibition reviews

‘Sales of Pictures’, Evening Post, 20 September 1920, pg 8, “The exhibition of the New Zealand Academy in Whitmore-street was well patronised to-day. Sales made so far are as follow :— … "A Sunny Morning," by Flora Scales, £3- 3s.”

‘At the Academy’, New Zealand Times, 21 September 1920, pg 7, “Miss Stoddart is found among the water-colours in several convincing sketches of Canterbury scenes, and Miss Flora Scales is found in two beautiful little scenes, “A Sunny Morning,” and “The Two Sentinels.””

‘Art Exhibition’, New Zealand Times, 22 September 1920, pg 3, “Upstairs, Miss Flora Scales is to be found in another of those beautiful sketches she has given this year—"Tahuna Beach"—just a bit of sand, a tuft of grass, a sketch of sea and sky, all showing fine feeling and nice colour. Miss M. O. Stoddart has another sketch of "Mountain Lilies near Mt. Cook” hung next to Miss Scales’ work. It is a decided contrast in style, yet both in their way are the work of true artists.”

‘N.Z Academy’, Evening Post, 22 September 1920, pg 4, “The bold work of Flora Scales, whose drawings of horses are easily the best shown by any local artist in recent years, is to be seen in "A Sunny Morning" (182), and "The Sentinels" (183).”

‘N.Z Academy of Fine Arts’ by “The Lay Figure”, Dominion, 28 September 1920, pg 5, “Downstairs, in this section, interest centres round the work of Mrs. Hughes, Miss Stoddart, Miss Flora Scales, and Mr. Weeks…Miss Flora Scales, whose desertion of the animal studies we have learnt to associate with her brush is, I trust, only temporary, contributes two slight but pleasing drawings, "A Sunny Morning" (182) and "The Two Sentinels" (183). Both are very delightful in their delicate atmospheric effects.”