New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Sketch Exhibition 1918


April, 1918


Wellington, New Zealand

This was the first iteration of the annual New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Sketch Exhibition. They did not have catalogues until 1932 so no information is recorded as to the entries Flora Scales produced to exhibit.

Exhibition reviews

‘Sketch Exhibition’, Evening Post, 19 April 1918, pg 8, “The work of Miss Flora Scales is rather limited, just a well-drawn horse's head and a shipping piece.”

Auckland Star, 27 April 1918, pg 16, “The ceremony of opening the exhibition of sketches at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, last week, was performed by the president, Mr. H. M. Gore. It was hoped, he said, that the exhibition would be an annual one, and he considered that the sketches shown this year were of a very high order of merit. During the afternoon tea was served by Mrs. H. M. Gore and the committee ladies. Among the lady exhibitors are Miss Mina Arndt (Mrs. Manoy) of Motueka, Miss Flora Scales of the Lower Hutt, Mrs. Prince, and Miss D. Turner.”