New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Sketch Exhibition 1925


May, 1925


Wellington, New Zealand

Flora Scales was present at the opening having travelled up from Nelson to attend.

Exhibition reviews

‘Women in Print’, Evening Post, 19 May 1925, pg 5, “The "private view" of the sketch exhibition pictures at the Art Gallery, when the 1925 collection was shown, drew the usual large number of interested and appreciative people. Mr E. W. Hunt, president, and Mrs. Hunt received and welcomed the Mayor, Mr Norwood, and Mrs. Norwood, and after the opening ceremony entertained all present at supper, which was daintily set out on tables in the gallery leaving only the tea and coffee to be served from the side room. This proved a more convenient arrangement to the usual one and the guests had altogether an exceptionally pleasant evening. The pictures were, of course, most interesting, though the private view cannot be said to be the best opportunity of looking critically at them, but enough could be seen to realise that the president was justified in his contention that the year's exhibit was an exceedingly good one. Among those present were :—Miss D. K. Richmond, Miss Hunt, Mr. and Mrs H. M. Gore, Mr. Ross Gore, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Fuller, Mr. and Miss Welch, Mr. Nelson Isaacs, Colonel Carberry, Mrs. And Miss Rhind, Miss Flora Scales…”

‘Art Exhibition’, Evening Post, 20 May 1925, pg 9, “Among the exhibitors in the sketch exhibition proper will be found some vigorous work by Rollo Fisher in sketches of girls' heads (oils); Miss Lynch's fine portrait study of a monk, wearing a look of religious ecstasy (oils); E. M. Collier's fine crayon drawing of "A Welsh Woman," well painted studies of trees by E. M. Palethorpe; an arresting painting of the head, subtly lighted, of a heavy cart horse, by Miss Flora Scales…”