Paintings and Etchings: Important Auction Sale


14 February, 1924


Messrs J. H. Bethune & Co.


Wellington, New Zealand

Flora Scales’s work included in Paintings and Etchings: Important Auction Sale at Messrs J. H. Bethune & Co., Wellington, New Zealand.

“On Thursday afternoon, at 1.30, Messrs. J. H. Bethune and Co. will offer a unique collection of oil and watercolour paintings and original etchings for sale by auction. This collection comprises examples of the best work by New Zealand and English artists of established reputation, and as it includes about a hundred pictures, there is sure to be a large attendance at the sale. Art-lovers, and those who wish to beautify their homes with original paintings of first-rate merit, will have a rare opportunity to secure a work of art at their own price. The British artists represented include :-S. J. Lamorna Birch, R.W.S., R.B.C., R.W.A., Miss E. K. Westrup (an exhibitor at the Royal Academy and other leading exhibitions), A. Ludovicii, R.B.A., Mortimer Mempes, Sir Seymour Hayden, Percival Gaskell, R.E., while the New Zealand painters include A. F. Nicoll, S.S.A., Nugent Welch, Noel Barraud, A. E. Baxter, Cecil Kelly, F. McCracken, D. K. Richmond, M. O. Stoddart, E. Murray Fuller, W. R. Johnston, J. Weeks, W. Menzies Gibb, Flora Scales, and the late John Gully.”
– The Evening Post, 12 February 1924, pg 3