Unhinged: Opening the Door to the Dowse Collection


25 March, 2023
— 20 August, 2023


The Dowse Art Museum


Lower Hutt, New Zealand

“Flying tricycles, a pyramid of cats and a rainbow of ceramics; some of what you can discover in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Featuring over 1000 items from the Dowse art collection, this exhibition is an opportunity to explore some familiar favourites alongside forgotten treasures. Unhinged includes peculiar peeks into the most remarkable corners of the collection like bedazzling ballet costumes, playful paintings and exquisite contemporary glass.

This exhibition is part of a major project to refurbish our collection storage spaces that will help us to care for our collection into the future. We will be saying goodbye to this exhibition in sections so that we can safely place our nearly 3500 items into their new home with all the love and attention they deserve. ” - https://dowse.org.nz/exhibitions-and-events/exhibitions/2023/unhinged-opening-the-door-to-the-dowse-collection

Correspondence, Joanna Wehrly, Collections Manager, to B. de Lange, 17 July 2023, "[Port of Weymouth Bay [BC025]] is within a section called ‘Room With a View’ which is a gallery space that we have built another room within. This is dressed as a house with rugs on the floor, furniture etc and there are windows in the walls that look to the outer walls of the space which feature a salon hang of many of our landscape paintings and prints from the collection."

Exhibition artworks

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