[Masonic sketchbook 2]

White, kid finish sketchbook branded Grumbacher, 24 spiral binding containing drawings of:

Page 1: landscape

Page 2: flowers in a vase

Page 3: flowers

Page 4: figure with a musical instrument and the letters HAKAHAK parallel to right margin

Page 5: Arum lilies 

Page 6: seated figure

Page 7: flowers

Page 8: flowers in a vase

Page 9: landscape

Page 10: Arum lilies 

Page 11: landscape

Purple, blue, red, green and yellow colours predominate.

1979 1983
Object type
Medium and materials
crayon on rough textured paper
Place Made
Rotorua, New Zealand

Page 4 parallel to right margin HAKAHAK

Page 5 LL FS 198

Page 6 LL H Scales

Page 10 LL 1979 FS

General notes

Part of original sketchbook photographed by B. de Lange, Rotorua Masonic Village, New Zealand, 1983. Flora Scales was a resident there from 26 October 1978 until just before her death in January 1985. Total number of pages not recorded. Location of original pages unknown.

35mm colour transparency slides of eleven pages donated to the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, Reference no. ATL-Group-00723, by B. de Lange, December 1997.