[Masonic sketchbook 3]

Sketchbook branded Grumbacher, 36 spirals, 9 pages containing:

Page 1: drawings of flowers

Page 2: drawing of seated figure

Page 3: portrait sketch

Page 4: portrait sketch

Page 5: drawings of flowers

Page 6: portrait sketch

Page 7: portrait sketch

Page 8: undated, handwritten letter from Flora Scales to Boris Kalachnikoff

Page 9: handwritten note dated 10th August

Pink oil pastel, red, blue, brown crayon, brown, black ink, pencil used.

1982 1983
Object type
Medium and materials
variable on paper
Place Made
Rotorua, New Zealand

Page 3 UL 37 Flora Scales

Page 3 UR F Scales, number of room, April.

Page 3 Lower Margin cannot see very much today

Page 4 Top Margin 1914 First World War

General notes

This sketchbook was given to Flora Scales by A. de Lange, 1982 or 1983.  

Part of original sketchbook photographed by B. de Lange, Rotorua Masonic Village, New Zealand, 1983. Flora Scales was a resident there from 26 October 1978 until just before her death in January 1985. Total number of pages not recorded. Location of original pages unknown.

35mm colour transparency slides of seven pages [pages 1-7] donated to the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, Reference no. ATL-Group-00723, by B. de Lange, December 1997.

Undated, unsent, handwritten letter from Flora Scales to Boris Kalachnikoff written at Rotorua Masonic Village, New Zealand [page 8], reads,

Dear Boris,
It's a long time since I wrote to you.
I would very much like some news of you,
How are you? and how is Christiane's health. Is she busy with the [two words illegible]
The weather begins [two words illegible] warm and soon Christmas and New Year after a week!
Give my greetings to Madame [illegible] please

A handwritten note [page 9] appears to be a type of diary entry reminder and reads, “Wednesday 10th August Cold still stubborn on chest - not posted to Bobbie [Boris Kalachnikoff] for some days..sight poor!”