[Four Cows in Enclosure]

Four cows standing in a three barred fenced enclosure under the shade of a large tree. Group of three cows at left, one dark brown, one mid brown and one white, with farm building behind. One brown cow under tree on the right.

c. 1917 1924
Object type
Medium and materials
oil on canvas
Place Made
New Zealand

LR Flora Scales

Credit Line
Current Collection

Private Collection

Current Location

Unknown - possibly Australia

General notes

Dated in reference to Untitled [Homewards] [BC004] and appears to be from a similar stylistic period.

Correspondence Mrs Hollis, original owner, to B. de Lange, 20.04.1983, Mrs Hollis explains that her father was an auctioneer at Bethunes (Messrs J. H. Bethune & Co.), Wellington and he acquired this painting when it came in for auction. This was possibly the auction advertised in the Evening Post dated 12 February 1924 (vol CVII, issue 36, pg 3, advertisements column 4) titled 'Paintings and Etchings’ and describes:

“Important Auction Sale - Messrs J. H. Bethune & Co. will offer a unique collection of paintings and original etchings for sale by auction. This collection comprises examples of the best work by New Zealand and English artists of established reputation ... the New Zealand painters include ... Flora Scales.”

Mrs Hollis goes on to say that her father might have bought it because he knew George H. Scales, the artist’s father, but more likely because someone told him it could be of value as an investment.