Auckland Society of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1917


June, 1917


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Society of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 1917

No. 17 The Day’s Work Oil £18.18.0 [The Day’s Work [2] [BC140]]
No. 49 After the Mid-day Meal oil £5.5.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 150 Midsummer oil £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 180 Autumn Glow water-colour £3.3.0 [Location Unknown]
No. 232 S.S. Tarawera water-colour £1.11.6 [Location Unknown]
No. 291 The Wood Cart etching £2.2.0 [Location Unknown]

Exhibition artworks


Exhibition reviews

‘Art Exhibition’, Auckland Star, 1 June 1917, pg 6, “A broadly-treated subject by Miss Flora Scales, of Wellington, comes as a corrective to too literal treatment. No. 17, "The Day's Work," [BC140] is a boldly executed study in high lights and dense shadows.”

‘Society of Arts’, New Zealand Herald, 1 June 1917, pg 7, “Characteristic animal studies are those of Miss Flora Scales, "The Day's Work" [BC140] and "After the Mid-day Meal." 

‘Woman’s World’, Auckland Star, 21 July 1917, pg 16, “Three Wellington women artists, Miss Flora Scales, Miss J. Newton, and Mrs. Prince, have arranged an exhibition of sketches for a week. The money is to go to the Trench Comforts Fund.”