The Day's Work


One dark and one light horse drawing a cart. Man with hat seated on cart to left. Horses and driver face viewer on diagonal showing right flank. Trees at left margin cast shadows lower left. Background features low hills and possibly cows in the fields.

c. 1917
Object type
Medium and materials
oil on board
Place Made
New Zealand
General notes

This is a reproduction of The Day's Work [2] [BC140] in the Canterbury Society of Arts Annual Exhibition Catalogue, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1918 [see Related images]. Exact date unknown, dated according to the first exhibition of the work at the Auckland Society of Arts Annual Exhibition, New Zealand, June 1917. It was catalogued as follows: The Day’s Work, oil, no. 17, £18.18.0. This is the only image recorded of this work, its location is unknown.

There were two oil paintings titled The Day’s Work [The Day’s Work [1] [BC129] and The Day’s Work [2] [BC140]] which were exhibited together at the following three Art Society exhibitions:

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, Wellington, 1917, no. 232, £18.18.0
Otago Art Society Exhibition, New Zealand, 1917, no. 35,  £18.18.0
Canterbury Society of Arts Exhibition, 1918, no. 1, £18.18.0

The dimensions given with the illustration of The Day's Work [2] [BC140] in the Canterbury Society of Arts Catalogue, 1918, are 24” x 18” indicating that the two canvases were approximately the same size.

Used as illustration

Canterbury Society of Arts Catalogue 1918, Christchurch, New Zealand, pg. 13


‘Art Society’s Exhibition’, Press, 13 March 1918, pg 8

“Miss Flora Scales has three pictures, painted in the bold decided style which has been favourably commented upon on more than one occasion. She has turned to rural life for her inspiration, and all three pictures are on similar lines, horse teams drawing heavy farm drays. The theme is simple but well treated, and all three works [The Day’s Work [1] [BC129], The Day’s Work [2] [BC140], Untitled [Homewards] [BC004]], but No 28 [BC004] particularly, are distinctly good.”


Image courtesy Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū, New Zealand, Canterbury Society of Arts Catalogue 1918, Christchurch, pg. 13, https://christchurchartgallery.org.nz/media/uploads/2010_08/CSA_Catalogue_1918.pdf

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